eyes wide with wonderment fix on me, beseeching attention rosebud lips part in genuine glee when my coveted gaze meets hers she tilts her peach fuzz head and with a shrug of a shoulder expresses a learned coyness, a treasured cuteness, softening this old woman’s jaded edges clumsy, chubby fingers reach, fumble, eventually grasp their […]


You think we don’t know what happens in the darkest hours; that somehow slumber blankets, plunges us into oblivion…. The same slamming of fists that awakens you, alerts, drags us from deepest sleep, thrust into the violence No amount of denial shields from the trail of bloody droplets, witnessing his arm on your throat, threatening….always […]

Zoo Life

How else would you define us but a zoo: this ragged attempt to appear socially fit? I drag my children with me, expectations formed from still life exhibits, picture – perfect cameos of happy lives, poised as any good television family might… Who hasn’t had a rough ride, disembarked and vowed never to repeat sins? […]

Glass Caskets

What mysteries lie in ancestral roots, what clues to illuminate the dysfunction that permeated our familial ties, cursed us with a pervasive sense of perversity? We are a portrait of deviancy: still life torsos, dismembered from birth, non- conforming hormonal structures denied reception in the aftermath of Victorianism. An aunt, who despite her outer female attributes earned […]

The Art of Survival

Learned the art of survival from father, a commando trained warrior, never able to leave the battles behind A sharp-shooter, whose expert eye tracked our every fault; with sniper precision shot us down. Innocence has no place when the enemy resides within; when trigger lines are camouflaged by wall- to-wall carpets, and young minds, craving […]