On Nature

How is that a tree can stir my soul, so?
Yet, set amongst the Douglas firs –
an orchestra of giants, the reassurance
of green towering and proud – the music
of my soul is nothing less than symphonic.

How is that the sky can speak to me?
No words to convey its vastness, yet
it breathes new life into empty spaces,
whispers promises, ignite a hope
synonymous only with its expanse.

How is it that a body of water -be it
serene, flowing, or turbulent, can tug
at the corners of my emotional well,
create a longing for the unknowable,
toss me from my bed of complacency?

And how does a single flower, growing
wild, crack this shell of indifference –
the determination to blossom despite
harshness of surroundings – instil such
inspiration, motivate me to rejoice?

(On Nature first appeared here, April of 2018, written during our month long stay on Vancouver Island. Submitted here for Eugi’s Weekly prompt: nature. Image my own.

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

93 thoughts on “On Nature

  1. VJ,
    I think you and I were thinking in the same vein today. So much about nature speaks to us of things far beyond what reason can fathom. Beautifully expressed, especially,
    “And how does a single flower, growing
    wild, crack this shell of indifference”

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      1. I have no idea what to do I’m sorry this is becoming complicated. I don’t know how to activate it, I literally just uploaded a new post two days ago so I’m a little lost on why it keeps saying that

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      2. You got that right! I appreciate you stopping by ✨ very much appreciated and yes I am trying to get more followers as well as exposure

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      3. I was just customizing my page when you said that . Very timely . Check it out now 🙏🏽 and I’m always open to other suggestions . ALWAYS . I appreciate it VJ!

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      4. I appreciate you taking the time to help and explore my world of words 🙂 now can you see a follow button on my “home”page or is it on my “about” page


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