You think we don’t know what happens in the darkest hours; that somehow slumber blankets, plunges us into oblivion…. The same slamming of fists that awakens you, alerts, drags us from deepest sleep, thrust into the violence No amount of denial shields from the trail of bloody droplets, witnessing his arm on your throat, threatening….always […]

Can’t Help But Wonder

What chief is this, whose repetitive adolescent antics labour over inconsequential details whilst, as novice, he plies elimination strategies, slashing former goals; this non-monk of a man, inciting global waves of dissention, padding his ego with kin, lining up officials disinclined to disrupt his pillage? What nation is this who believes social standing equates with […]

Internal Struggle

Onramp for freedom is just ahead but all considered, I will not push forward, am fragile, misinterpret signs.  Add to it isolation – who can blame me…. Move! Move with the throngs! Set your intentions, correct and change direction – take a tangent even – future is just around the corner….. Wears me out; I […]

Clearing Corners

No more out-on-the-town bustles – the late afternoon light fading in my corner – focus now turned to higher issues; try to keep company with mindfulness – a worthy educator, facilitating release – but my inventory is too spun. Achieving a semblance of completion, something to reflect my life’s toil, would be welcome, yet I […]