Road behind is collapsing remain upbeat, continue a trail of childhood tears practice giving, don’t falter the past a faulty messenger focus on beauty, facing forward memories storm, threaten Keep travelling, let go of concern fears, like locusts, plague work hard, be positive anger rumbles, grows wings be at peace, future brings promise pain, ignorant […]

Business Venture

Victim, whose season is always Autumn, bloodied tears like fallen leaves trailing; and Martyr, for whom worship and self- sacrifice is a dietary requirement; propose to venture into retail ownership – recreating a former failed attempt; believing that if you build it (again) they will come, as Ego has promised.  “Well, it worked for that […]

Can’t Help But Wonder

What chief is this, whose repetitive adolescent antics labour over inconsequential details whilst, as novice, he plies elimination strategies, slashing former goals; this non-monk of a man, inciting global waves of dissention, padding his ego with kin, lining up officials disinclined to disrupt his pillage? What nation is this who believes social standing equates with […]

Let Failures Lie

Pampered, socially supported education would have been preferable but I don’t belong to the elite, and this malaise disrupts any hope for success. Learn best in the trenches, dragged-out combat over hobnobbing – can relate to the broken, other-abled, survivors who thrive despite challenges. Know a man, who without speech or behavioural norms, moves others […]

Zoo Life

How else would you define us but a zoo: this ragged attempt to appear socially fit? I drag my children with me, expectations formed from still life exhibits, picture – perfect cameos of happy lives, poised as any good television family might… Who hasn’t had a rough ride, disembarked and vowed never to repeat sins? […]

Glass Caskets

What mysteries lie in ancestral roots, what clues to illuminate the dysfunction that permeated our familial ties, cursed us with a pervasive sense of perversity? We are a portrait of deviancy: still life torsos, dismembered from birth, non- conforming hormonal structures denied reception in the aftermath of Victorianism. An aunt, who despite her outer female attributes earned […]

Eagle Speaks

Eagle walks amongst us, wings and chest puffed out exhibiting wounded pride. He is parched, dry-throated; fear has clouded his vision, grounded his glorious flight. He shudders at indifference, sidesteps throngs busily rapt in personal agenda, forgetful. Once regal, once revered, he is reeling from the fall, seeks a compassionate ear, finds me in the Dreamtime, moulting […]

House of Horrors

If life is an amusement park, then I, the wary visitor, purse clutched to body, peer about anxiously, rattled by crowds; an overprotective parent, herding my delighted flock, reigning in wandering feet, responsibility a stern cloud. Childlike minds thrive under blinding lights, the violence of sounds, smells of cotton candy sweetness: promises of thrills, will […]