Solitude, I dream of expansive landscapes, crave your panoramic silence, thrill to the ideal of your boundless sanctity Solitude, you wrap me in separateness, strip away my cardboard walls, tear at the corners of my instability; no refuge from the stillness Solitude, I am smothered by your starkness, by my starkness, cries of madness reverberating […]

Bureaucratic Dystopia

Bureaucratic automatons privy to personal dilemmas fuss over delegated tasks – vessels sans initiative – policy makers overriding common sense, common decency paper pushers passing verdicts condemning downtrodden, unable to fight whose day-to-day living – questionable at best – lacks the necessary survival guide – procedural forms dehumanize suffering, cubby-holed egos void support, icily authoritative […]


so tired… the heaviness of slumber settles on me like a straight jacket – no point resisting… was it a poisoned apple that struck me so – or is this exhaustion emblematic… of what…. a soul aspiring to flight weighted down by sensitivity… an ego tied to ideals no more salient than balloons whose once […]

Bundled Memories

I carry my past in a long, white sack – canvas like a sailor’s – as if my life depends on it… or a laundress toting bundles, tied with string, promises of toil and recompense to come. My contents are not sustainable, though, only sorry tales, entangled woes mutated into plastic figurines, more comical than […]

Next Door

Next door dwells perfection, gardens pert with flowery blooms like vibrant little soldiers heeding the command of love’s labour, exuding confident pride. My house, marked by overgrown vines, chaos’ shameful exhibition, bemoans the futility of planting, knows they’ll be no follow through, betrays the absence of love’s toil. Life has schooled detachment, lessons in loss […]

Vegas Vampire

Envision Vegas – the first time – adrenaline pumping, palms itchy, wide-eyed incredulity, and … the most unreliable, stuck-in-the-mud relative in tow, and no reservations made; and while one wants to dive in the other would rather be home knitting and listening to bird calls than  traipsing through costumed Elvis’ – glitzy hotels are too […]