The Leap

Freezing drizzle
and aching joints
elevate doubt

We are forging
into unknowns,
claiming change

His motivation
drive for both –
I quiet objections

Faith, I have in him
Trust, I have in process,
Hope as my beacon

Many a storm
has passed our way –
the choice is easy

Stay and rot
or risk and thrive –
hand in hand, we leap.

(Four years ago, Ric and I sold our house and all our possessions and headed south in a motor home.  Both of us had experienced life-altering medical crises, and the alternative – staying put and waiting for the next health challenge – was not appealing, so we took the leap.  After two years, we returned and settled in a small community not far from family.  Health continues to be an issue, but armed with the memories of our travels, we face each day grateful for our choices.)

Image my own.

I Dance

Forgive the dance –
it’s what I do –
step forward,
slide back,
shuffle, then
lose the rhythm
and start again.

Reaching forward
heart securely tucked,
something embedded –
cellular perhaps –
invites the struggle

and so, I dance –
yesterday, a warrior
today the fool
tomorrow only knows

roughly cut,
a gem
of an undefined hue
I will always try again.

(Poem first appeared on One Woman’s Quest II, entitled “Forgive The Dance”, October, 2019. Image my own.)

The Moment is Now

Whoa now!
Don’t settle too quickly
Opportunity is about to knock

What’s that you say?
You’re not ready.
All this work you’ve been doing
all these seeds you’ve been planting
Really? You’re not ready.

Too late
the door is open
and you will have to contend
with possibility, and I warn you,
it will not arrive alone

For success is certain
to stir adolescent reaction –
inappropriate entitlement

Oh, you say you’ll keep it simple
but emotions are organic
and the tea is spilling –
complexity a given

So, stop with the excuses
Breathe and pace yourself
This is your moment
Embrace it accordingly.

(Image my own)