He caved eventually gave in to her nagging left his wife, his children, mistook her naked willingness for love, a signal of commitment – it was not – she would not package her feelings into a domestic box had no intentions of ever after clothed her vulnerability in sex as treacherous as Eve’s serpent she […]


You think we don’t know what happens in the darkest hours; that somehow slumber blankets, plunges us into oblivion…. The same slamming of fists that awakens you, alerts, drags us from deepest sleep, thrust into the violence No amount of denial shields from the trail of bloody droplets, witnessing his arm on your throat, threatening….always […]

Bundled Memories

I carry my past in a long, white sack – canvas like a sailor’s – as if my life depends on it… or a laundress toting bundles, tied with string, promises of toil and recompense to come. My contents are not sustainable, though, only sorry tales, entangled woes mutated into plastic figurines, more comical than […]

Fly To the Spider

Fuelled by anticipation, free will lead me to you, armed with expectation – handed you ownership of my heart’s vulnerability, elated to be seen, heard Aroused by your mastery, ready to let go – and then you passed me off, like a lab specimen, examined the minutiae of my DNA, as if looking for criminal activity – too shocked […]

Walk Away

Maniacal, trigger-crazy big dick resolves nothing with brutality, seeks asylum in insanity, blames confinements for limitations, opinionated, wrongly focused, nerves ungrounded, charged. No wit can end his cycle of oppression, his last fair companion, no longer supportive, contrived investigation, pushed for incarceration unspeakable silence no religion to save him rejected at every turn delinquent bumped into […]

The Art of Survival

Learned the art of survival from father, a commando trained warrior, never able to leave the battles behind A sharp-shooter, whose expert eye tracked our every fault; with sniper precision shot us down. Innocence has no place when the enemy resides within; when trigger lines are camouflaged by wall- to-wall carpets, and young minds, craving […]

Seeking Home

My father’s kingdom his castle; I inherited his strife, witnessed years of control and submission felt used, undervalued, robbed; Was overinvolved responsibly, misunderstood the nature of his anguish, drew attention to myself interpreting his pain as personal. Our Father’s mansion (no place for inanimate objects) nurtures wisdom, recalls neglect, reflects on life choices, lack of […]

Ancestral Rot

British roots define particular brand of peculiarity – shared claustrophobia – fear of closeness; need to lie down, separate myself, am married now childless dreams dust; I am cook, cleaner – project sparkle where dirt still lingers, losing rationality, not quite catching on; want to send flowers, honour passings but soul wounds, unbandaged, gape – […]

Reeking Bones

Impulse would take me back – resurrect lost passions – a grave robber taking counsel from the dead – volatility a public declaration of extent of bad choices – no exaggeration – stench of unburied dreams burn the eyes when exposed to open air, the politeness of civil society. (Image: