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the word wraps me
in bubbly warmth –
an invasion of limbs
impress upon my heart –
best mood-altering
prescription ever!

(Tuesdays I borrow from Twitter.  Follow me @Vjknutson.  Image from personal collection.)

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Looks Matter

Like Mary Quant
sister had the look –

groomed in etiquette,
poise and fine dining

while my boyish antics
merited mixology prep

one destined for the catwalk
the other a life of servitude

She was swank,
I was bistro.

(Image from personal collection)

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Distorted Lenses

My memory of you –
distorted by childish exuberance –
distant and disinterested

Translated vacant eyes
through the lens of my needs
child that I was.

Failed to notice
the aura of defeat,
the battered heart

the robotic responses
masking unbelievable sorrow
missed it all

till death knocked
and I saw you anew –
adult lenses now fully secured.

wonder at the fortitude
that kept you upright,
the love that served us both.

No fault here –
on either side –
just a bittersweet understanding.

(Life, in retrospect, offers new revelations.  Poem inspired by Reena’s Exploration challenge – image as prompt.)