Dressed in our finest personas we submit to public scrutiny, polish our performances, risk criticism to achieve the prize Practice behind the scenes preparing lists and scripts, questioning qualifications, comparisons deflating egos Yet we succumb to pressure step into the spotlight, react emotions and insecurities demolishing golden intentions We scramble for our lines, to maintain […]

Can’t Help But Wonder

What chief is this, whose repetitive adolescent antics labour over inconsequential details whilst, as novice, he plies elimination strategies, slashing former goals; this non-monk of a man, inciting global waves of dissention, padding his ego with kin, lining up officials disinclined to disrupt his pillage? What nation is this who believes social standing equates with […]


Malls possess a certain allure – contentment-in-a-bag offerings, an opportunity to escape reality, except gossip travels in crowds and I tend to shop for obligations, will latch myself onto any drama and take ownership  – it’s small town training:  I am a passenger on the responsibility rail – would kill my own mother to gain […]

Zoo Life

How else would you define us but a zoo: this ragged attempt to appear socially fit? I drag my children with me, expectations formed from still life exhibits, picture – perfect cameos of happy lives, poised as any good television family might… Who hasn’t had a rough ride, disembarked and vowed never to repeat sins? […]

Love In Aisle Nine

Lust ignores warning signals, fancies itself a savvy consumer, commits minor infractions with confidence, sidestepping anxiety. Loneliness – near-sighted – shops without discernment, fails to recognize that all life is transient, and patience is the key to harmony. Love – the main attraction – is not a lone chauffeur, a self-serving commander, feeding off helplessly disabled, regressing into […]

Passion Exposed

Seduced – the virility of youth irresistible even for an old duck like me –  so unexpected, relentless, I ignore exhaustion lean into the fantasy, allow desire to embrace me, cross a boundary, surrender… step up to the stage, bare-chested, shameless, speak into the mic, reveal my words: those childlike bits of myself; hope my […]

Always a Teacher

Set me on the open road, encourage me to cross borders; I am hungry for knowledge, to hear a higher calling. Cannot tolerate chained-to- chairs education, imposed immobility, socratic hierarchy demanding conformity spoon-fed compliance – am too much my father’s daughter, born rebellious unable to mold myself to prescribed slots would rather initiate discussion, engage, […]

Glass Caskets

What mysteries lie in ancestral roots, what clues to illuminate the dysfunction that permeated our familial ties, cursed us with a pervasive sense of perversity? We are a portrait of deviancy: still life torsos, dismembered from birth, non- conforming hormonal structures denied reception in the aftermath of Victorianism. An aunt, who despite her outer female attributes earned […]

Black Madonna

Remember that autumn we drove up to Campbell River, like teenagers skipping out of class – a cackle of women, spirituality forming – felt as if we had bided our time, willing this union to occur – high on anticipation. Giddy that our routine femininity had been strewn across the barricades of our socially careful existences […]