Love Matters

Ex-lovers, like criminals line up – a visceral backdrop Another vies to take their place, a critical eye and no-nonsense disposition questions motivations highlights the faults in righteous accusations, bends the arrow of blame reassigning guilt the jilted, now pathetic, craves absolution, starves for appreciation awakens to sickening revelation that sex alone cannot sustain relationship […]

Bundled Memories

I carry my past in a long, white sack – canvas like a sailor’s – as if my life depends on it… or a laundress toting bundles, tied with string, promises of toil and recompense to come. My contents are not sustainable, though, only sorry tales, entangled woes mutated into plastic figurines, more comical than […]

Love In Aisle Nine

Lust ignores warning signals, fancies itself a savvy consumer, commits minor infractions with confidence, sidestepping anxiety. Loneliness – near-sighted – shops without discernment, fails to recognize that all life is transient, and patience is the key to harmony. Love – the main attraction – is not a lone chauffeur, a self-serving commander, feeding off helplessly disabled, regressing into […]


Testing social waters – that cherished state of interaction – prone to revealing too much, learning have been homebound, studying life without a facilitator, now attempting to penetrate invisibility – see me now? gathering the salvageable bits – minimal fragments of a once whole woman – reaching out, reconnecting – mixed receptions admittedly much has […]

Clearing Corners

No more out-on-the-town bustles – the late afternoon light fading in my corner – focus now turned to higher issues; try to keep company with mindfulness – a worthy educator, facilitating release – but my inventory is too spun. Achieving a semblance of completion, something to reflect my life’s toil, would be welcome, yet I […]

Party Adverse

Will not catch me gavotting at a party in the Carly Simon vein – am reluctant at best, certain my flaws are neon, fear scrutinizing attention. Throw a boss in the mix and I am all bumble, cringe with each idiotic phrase I utter, terrified to implode – immortalize my inadequacy. Course, it’s all nonsense […]