Whale Dreams

(Note:  Messages from the dreamtime inspire much of my poetry, and as an experiment, I decided to revisit an old dream, from May 2013, and see what new insights it might deliver.  The original posting, entitled “Whale Dreaming”, can be viewed here. ) Exposed we are, voyageurs, crossing a great expanse – one tiny vessel […]


Sought-out careers stagnant communication with colleagues soaked with commitments – underlying imposed courtesy we are doubly dependent – mutual caregivers supporting water treading, our authority drowning in preset obligations Past dwellings, connections sopped with history, hold on – leftover dregs, stale-dated – their validity disappearing, We are overcoming, debriefing, navigating release, minimilizing plan to alter […]


Originally posted on One Woman's Quest:
Slippers, perched at night stand, twitching impatiently, mark the absence of feet, cannot appreciate the meaning of unruffled bed covers. Abandoned, a coffee mug bemoans its curdling contents, complains of thick brown lines contaminating its porcelain shine, has not noted absence of hands. Chair, pushed back from desk,…

Bit Player

Have landed – actually, volunteered for – a supporting role intended fun, but comedy eluded, am fighting for a life fearful choreography exacting a cathartic script haywire admission of fault my memory fails positions me, in brief spurts, faltering co-performers push encourage, emanate loving commitment buy into mania my cause: avoidance beyond distraction I miss […]


eyes wide with wonderment fix on me, beseeching attention rosebud lips part in genuine glee when my coveted gaze meets hers she tilts her peach fuzz head and with a shrug of a shoulder expresses a learned coyness, a treasured cuteness, softening this old woman’s jaded edges clumsy, chubby fingers reach, fumble, eventually grasp their […]


If life was an English class I’d enroll again for high school, concentrate on the editing, hope to gain something the second time through I’d excel at the assignments – experience adds so much maturity to the written word – and teachers would deliberate and decide that I don’t belong, and where would that leave […]