Sales Tips

When selling a car, advertise particulars – make, economy, road worthiness – appeal to labouring egos, mindful of overheads, override objections with promises of emotional gains, everyone knows the vehicle makes the man – corner lust – it’s the money-maker. Selling produce is all about visuals:  market fresh- picked (sanitize green harvest, mode of transport, […]

Business Venture

Victim, whose season is always Autumn, bloodied tears like fallen leaves trailing; and Martyr, for whom worship and self- sacrifice is a dietary requirement; propose to venture into retail ownership – recreating a former failed attempt; believing that if you build it (again) they will come, as Ego has promised.  “Well, it worked for that […]


Malls possess a certain allure – contentment-in-a-bag offerings, an opportunity to escape reality, except gossip travels in crowds and I tend to shop for obligations, will latch myself onto any drama and take ownership  – it’s small town training:  I am a passenger on the responsibility rail – would kill my own mother to gain […]

Vegas Vampire

Envision Vegas – the first time – adrenaline pumping, palms itchy, wide-eyed incredulity, and … the most unreliable, stuck-in-the-mud relative in tow, and no reservations made; and while one wants to dive in the other would rather be home knitting and listening to bird calls than  traipsing through costumed Elvis’ – glitzy hotels are too […]

Love In Aisle Nine

Lust ignores warning signals, fancies itself a savvy consumer, commits minor infractions with confidence, sidestepping anxiety. Loneliness – near-sighted – shops without discernment, fails to recognize that all life is transient, and patience is the key to harmony. Love – the main attraction – is not a lone chauffeur, a self-serving commander, feeding off helplessly disabled, regressing into […]

Passion Exposed

Seduced – the virility of youth irresistible even for an old duck like me –  so unexpected, relentless, I ignore exhaustion lean into the fantasy, allow desire to embrace me, cross a boundary, surrender… step up to the stage, bare-chested, shameless, speak into the mic, reveal my words: those childlike bits of myself; hope my […]

Party Adverse

Will not catch me gavotting at a party in the Carly Simon vein – am reluctant at best, certain my flaws are neon, fear scrutinizing attention. Throw a boss in the mix and I am all bumble, cringe with each idiotic phrase I utter, terrified to implode – immortalize my inadequacy. Course, it’s all nonsense […]


Conceding ability to focus, yearning for a cause; tired of sticking myself out, only to be brought down; stilted by this life, sick of taking second best – No, I’m not holding up – never the early bird; or king shit – sagging like breasts hitting thighs; always showing up single, slightly used, ripe for easy […]

No Show

Cooking challenges are not for me – inviting self-assured guests to partake in my over-sized oven-ready breasts – show time! Why should I care about competition; agree to act fancy, ground myself down with expectations? I’d be afraid my dependents would run out from behind my wings and topple the repast before it’s served up, […]