Shadows Echo

Reminds me of home – Dad’s drinking, dressing up, keeping up appearances; a woman without a voice, public persona all important: must disguise private hell. Daddy was driven by money and compulsions; could not see desperation in our eyes, we were running away, seeking our own solace in forbidden places, hell’s legacy. An overboard existence […]

Four Voices

At the age of four, I moved with my family into a new house that my father had built, on the outskirts of town.  The day of our move my mother disappeared, and left to my own devices, I defied my father’s rules about staying out of certain parts of the house and discovered secret […]

Adrenal Spin

Death has visited us, and subsequently, visitations, and a funeral. Ours was a loss long anticipated, suffering relieved by passing on. Dutifully, I planned to accompany Mom, show support, and represent our side. Disability answers to its own drum, and this added stress inflamed the beat. Attempts at resting, met fired adrenals – locked on […]