Dressed in our finest personas we submit to public scrutiny, polish our performances, risk criticism to achieve the prize Practice behind the scenes preparing lists and scripts, questioning qualifications, comparisons deflating egos Yet we succumb to pressure step into the spotlight, react emotions and insecurities demolishing golden intentions We scramble for our lines, to maintain […]

Sales Tips

When selling a car, advertise particulars – make, economy, road worthiness – appeal to labouring egos, mindful of overheads, override objections with promises of emotional gains, everyone knows the vehicle makes the man – corner lust – it’s the money-maker. Selling produce is all about visuals:  market fresh- picked (sanitize green harvest, mode of transport, […]

Bit Player

Have landed – actually, volunteered for – a supporting role intended fun, but comedy eluded, am fighting for a life fearful choreography exacting a cathartic script haywire admission of fault my memory fails positions me, in brief spurts, faltering co-performers push encourage, emanate loving commitment buy into mania my cause: avoidance beyond distraction I miss […]


eyes wide with wonderment fix on me, beseeching attention rosebud lips part in genuine glee when my coveted gaze meets hers she tilts her peach fuzz head and with a shrug of a shoulder expresses a learned coyness, a treasured cuteness, softening this old woman’s jaded edges clumsy, chubby fingers reach, fumble, eventually grasp their […]


He possessed a certain divinity, a soft-spoken modesty she read as safe harbour, fell for maiden-like innocence, her blessed compliance. Married in the sacred way, carnal mounting accentuating a tailored love – husband and wife exploring, celebrating glorious submission until joy plummeted – impossible to duplicate infatuation in a void – they grasped at objects, […]

Bundled Memories

I carry my past in a long, white sack – canvas like a sailor’s – as if my life depends on it… or a laundress toting bundles, tied with string, promises of toil and recompense to come. My contents are not sustainable, though, only sorry tales, entangled woes mutated into plastic figurines, more comical than […]

Next Door

Next door dwells perfection, gardens pert with flowery blooms like vibrant little soldiers heeding the command of love’s labour, exuding confident pride. My house, marked by overgrown vines, chaos’ shameful exhibition, bemoans the futility of planting, knows they’ll be no follow through, betrays the absence of love’s toil. Life has schooled detachment, lessons in loss […]

Business Venture

Victim, whose season is always Autumn, bloodied tears like fallen leaves trailing; and Martyr, for whom worship and self- sacrifice is a dietary requirement; propose to venture into retail ownership – recreating a former failed attempt; believing that if you build it (again) they will come, as Ego has promised.  “Well, it worked for that […]

Breaking Free

Seems we are singularly obsessed – we two, one story – driven to acquire,invested in finding comfort, facing tumultuous conditions, as if property like a fortress will cloak our insecurity. Look at us, disheveled, gambling on life, average citizens, likely to fail – choosing to recreate, question our destiny – the dilemma:  having been disgraced […]