Nestled in with childhood truths – second-hand, missing perspective – nursing a creeping creativity: insignificant clarity expanding measurably, hurried. Once social, now retreating papered over failure, have fallen frigid waves infiltrating, overtaking chronically pained, over and over contemplating flight, freedom voiceless, expressionless, flat even revelation muted, unmoving boundaries, discussed, protective currently crumbling…underestimated the struggle, the […]

Bit Player

Have landed – actually, volunteered for – a supporting role intended fun, but comedy eluded, am fighting for a life fearful choreography exacting a cathartic script haywire admission of fault my memory fails positions me, in brief spurts, faltering co-performers push encourage, emanate loving commitment buy into mania my cause: avoidance beyond distraction I miss […]

Love Matters

Ex-lovers, like criminals line up – a visceral backdrop Another vies to take their place, a critical eye and no-nonsense disposition questions motivations highlights the faults in righteous accusations, bends the arrow of blame reassigning guilt the jilted, now pathetic, craves absolution, starves for appreciation awakens to sickening revelation that sex alone cannot sustain relationship […]


He possessed a certain divinity, a soft-spoken modesty she read as safe harbour, fell for maiden-like innocence, her blessed compliance. Married in the sacred way, carnal mounting accentuating a tailored love – husband and wife exploring, celebrating glorious submission until joy plummeted – impossible to duplicate infatuation in a void – they grasped at objects, […]

Business Venture

Victim, whose season is always Autumn, bloodied tears like fallen leaves trailing; and Martyr, for whom worship and self- sacrifice is a dietary requirement; propose to venture into retail ownership – recreating a former failed attempt; believing that if you build it (again) they will come, as Ego has promised.  “Well, it worked for that […]


If life was an English class I’d enroll again for high school, concentrate on the editing, hope to gain something the second time through I’d excel at the assignments – experience adds so much maturity to the written word – and teachers would deliberate and decide that I don’t belong, and where would that leave […]


If only life were a resort – catered to meals, bed maids who shuffle out of sight so as to not disturb the illusion that life is magical, comfort a finger snap away; I’d refrain from interaction, recognizing celebrity amidst the guests – imagine the surprise if one should notice me: this fragile ego pressured […]