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Solitude (3)

I dream of
silence –

Wrapped in separateness
cardboard walls fallen
curling corners of instability –
no refuge in stillness.

Smothering starkness
madness reverberating
canyons of aloneness

regale moments
feathered encounters
faces on screens
in voices.

Grace finds me
mercy lifts soul
opens the door

(This is a rewrite of an older poem, last appearing here in August, 2018. I submit it for Reena’s Exploration challenge #163. Please visit her post for a most inspiring video. Art my own.)

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Stop the Words

These thought processes…
I am inside out, shredded…
on so many levels
out of sync…
hear my own words
nothing but hot air
making me so dizzy
that I’m becoming afraid
of heights….
phobic, actually

I remember somewhere
between gulps of helium
and the hammering
in my head…

Platitudes have no place
in this moment
in the inside out
emotionally raw now

So, I’ll quit the words
breathe until I find ground
then repeat.

(Inspired by the prompt of Reena’s Exploration challenge which can found here. Image my own.)

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Down Is Right

Been riding the down elevator too long
a slight detour, I once, long ago, thought

Ambitions set on Penthouses
and upper echelons of success

First, there is a trip I must make
a downward pull insisting –

See, it isn’t true what they say
that we can be whatever we want

It’s time to stop running,
stop chasing empty promises

I’m getting down to roots
causes and influences

history revealing a legacy
here in the depths of self

a final reckoning that bears light
seems I’ve miscalculated directions

I’ve been riding the down elevator
about to alight on revelation.

(For Reena’s Exploration Challenge #160. Image my own. Hayes is my maiden name.)

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Closed Off

I search for sustenance
with indifference –
have difficulty navigating
the aislesĀ of available options.

Divorced from former dreams,
I hunger for renewed inspiration,
encounter only loss and confusion.

Goddess advises, and I,
ear-closed irritated,
hear only assertions
of inadequacy.

I exit possibility,
have lost the vessel
that once propelled me.

(Linking up to Reena’s Exploration Challenge #70)