Hand Holding

Found my first love
holding hands
walking home
from school –
grade one.

Father’s grip
warned against
held on until
was assured.

My sister’s hand –
frail flesh stretched
over aching bones –
clung to mine
until her internal heat
burned the touch
and I had to let go
while she surrendered
her last breath.

A lover’s hand
lacks stillness –
strokes and cajoles,
employs sensuality
to invoke desire.

Held my children’s hands
with my heart –
never wanting to let go,
prideful possession.

My granddaughter’s fist –
still pink from birthing –
wrapped around my finger
gripping the unknown
with the ferocity of
one hungry for life –

My husband’s hand
reaches out for mine
conveys support
for unsteady legs
offers strength
to propel me forward.

Hands convey
what the mind cannot –
a secret language
nuanced for life’s moments,
leave deep impressions.

(Tonight is Open Link night at dVerse, and our host Lillian has invited us to celebrate with her, as August 9th marks many National celebrations, one of which is National Hand Holding Day.  To see the others and join in, visit here.)



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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

29 thoughts on “Hand Holding

  1. Oh what a wonderful post! Actually, since it’s OLN, folks didn’t have to actually write about one of the holidays (IE National Hand Holding Day) — but I’m so glad you did. I was “in” these words with you! You’ve engaged the reader so well here….we travel with you through these different moments/times of hand holding. Somehow, I actually felt the “pressure” of those different hands through your words and the images you convey. The strict father made me grimace a bit.
    And this one
    “My granddaughter’s fist –
    still pink from birthing –
    wrapped around my finger
    gripping the unknown
    with the ferocity of
    one hungry for life –”
    just tugged at me heart. It’s true….a newborn / infant’s little hand just naturally wraps around your finger 🙂 I remember that! And I thank you sooooo much for that delightful memory this morning!
    Oh yes……..hand holding leaves definite impressions and I am smiling here after reading your post!
    Happy Friday to you and have a wonderful weekend! Perhaps reach out and hold someone’s hand today? 🙂

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    1. PS: don’t think I’ve ever told you….I have always been fascinated by the blue glassed image at the top of your blog! Is that you? I’ve always wondered if you took that picture and somehow manipulated it to look like this?

      Liked by 1 person

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