Sing Along

Dove’s mournful cry
spotlights Nature’s calling –
Let us find a harmonic note
sing along for conservation,
for preservation, for a strong
tomorrow – find our voices
and join the chorus.

(A New Year’s resolution for the world. Image mine)

My Body Poetic

Objectify my body –
I am anti-poetic –
this shore untameable

I am fertile, yes
a producer of life,
subject to tides
and winds, shamed
by man’s propensity
to overpower.

Let me not suffer
the consequences
of inhumane laws.

(Tuesdays, I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson.
Image my own)

Not So Green

Corporations claim to be green
bent as they are on profitability

Contrived, the marketing schemes
colour added to mask the perils

No amount of dye can alter
the truth for our world faces

the midnight hour, time
for preservation waning.

(For Reena’s Xploration Challenge: featured image. Also for Eugi’s Weekly Prompt: midnight.)

Viral Madness

Children moan
reflect the day’s gloom

We are virus-cautious
confined indoors

While ‘I-wannas’
buzz at windowpanes

and news feeds mount
the terror – I scream

silently, pray for
uncommon patience

Pause as eagle,
soaring overhead

tips a wing my way
bids me a good day.

(Eugi’s Weekly Prompt is soaring. Image my own)