Whale Dreams

(Note:  Messages from the dreamtime inspire much of my poetry, and as an experiment, I decided to revisit an old dream, from May 2013, and see what new insights it might deliver.  The original posting, entitled “Whale Dreaming”, can be viewed here. ) Exposed we are, voyageurs, crossing a great expanse – one tiny vessel […]

Water Tales

Bring the children to the waters’ edge, let spirits that dwell there enchant, sun glistening on star-filled eyes….. teach the essence of dolphin breathing, the presence of manna, how to question roots and behold miracles of fish that fly and colours that shimmer below the surface, and sons that walk on water – there are […]

Black Madonna

Remember that autumn we drove up to Campbell River, like teenagers skipping out of class – a cackle of women, spirituality forming – felt as if we had bided our time, willing this union to occur – high on anticipation. Giddy that our routine femininity had been strewn across the barricades of our socially careful existences […]

Eagle Speaks

Eagle walks amongst us, wings and chest puffed out exhibiting wounded pride. He is parched, dry-throated; fear has clouded his vision, grounded his glorious flight. He shudders at indifference, sidesteps throngs busily rapt in personal agenda, forgetful. Once regal, once revered, he is reeling from the fall, seeks a compassionate ear, finds me in the Dreamtime, moulting […]

Seeking Home

My father’s kingdom his castle; I inherited his strife, witnessed years of control and submission felt used, undervalued, robbed; Was overinvolved responsibly, misunderstood the nature of his anguish, drew attention to myself interpreting his pain as personal. Our Father’s mansion (no place for inanimate objects) nurtures wisdom, recalls neglect, reflects on life choices, lack of […]

Goddess Love

Father’s voice is booming full of patronizing shame; the child cowers in fright turns the negativity inwards. Learns to doubt, to loathe – self and others – pulls away, adapts pig-headed criticism finds failure in every effort.  Mother’s voice is soothing encourages self-reliance, acknowledges individuality, invites discernment, assures the child that smart doubts are useful, […]