Age Has Her Own Quest

What is it that a woman of maturity quests for?

Autonomy: to feel that her decisions/wants/needs
are not overshadowed by the dictates of another,
or by a past that is forever looming.

Empowerment: to know, once and for all, that
the victim is laid to rest, so that she can embrace
her authentic self.

Inner peace: to live without guilt or the need for
permission. To be able to forgive and self and other
in order to be free. To trust, innately, her own
inner resources, releasing fear’s hold.

Sacredness: to stand firmly upon the Earth,
breathe freely, and engage with life. To make
a difference.

Celebration: to live with anticipation, surprise,
and ultimately joy.

Connection: to recognize in each living moment
that none of the above is obtained in a bubble.
I quest for true connection. The bravest quest of all.

(Reading through old posts I came across one from November, 2014 which inspired this write. Image my own.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

34 thoughts on “Age Has Her Own Quest”

  1. Wonderful as ever….thank you so much.

    Recently when in the States a friend of many years came to see me with some other people she wanted me to meet.
    My friend immediately began talking about how beautiful I was as a younger woman…..
    I responded ‘to her compliment’ by saying – how ‘freeing it is not to have to worry about that stuff any more…..’ Now as I approach 80 I am free to fully connect with life….:)
    I love the image with this poem…

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  2. This resonates deeply, VJ! Sometimes we don’t even realise we are in quest of anything in particular. And I agree looking for connection is not easy. Beautiful and so honest, it made me teary-eyed. ❀️

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