eyes wide with wonderment fix on me, beseeching attention rosebud lips part in genuine glee when my coveted gaze meets hers she tilts her peach fuzz head and with a shrug of a shoulder expresses a learned coyness, a treasured cuteness, softening this old woman’s jaded edges clumsy, chubby fingers reach, fumble, eventually grasp their […]

Grandchildren Are Carrots

Motoring through duality, straining, in the middle – socialized, yet reticent – My heart is overflowing, like an unwatched sink falling apart, too much Driving, the past’s rain blurring any joy; feel dirty, taut, losing control Harm vanishes, comes back around; hosting good intentions, rank; Progression entirely defined by vulnerability smothering celebration Towed along by […]

Is Daddy Dead?

Tucks her granddaughter in, gazes into wide blue eyes, flashes back to another girl – now grown – apple cheeks, and an unruly thicket of hair. Nostalgia is shattered as the child smiles back, lips betraying a trace of another – once father – whose absence clouds the old woman’s heart. She holds the child […]


“First one to ten wins,” I tell my four-year-old granddaughter. We are seated beside the large, corner, picture windows facing the street.  It’s a favourite spot of ours, and we spend hours contemplating nature, or playing “I Spy”.  Today, she is counting white cars that drive by and I am counting red. “There’s a white […]


Spent the day in prone silence – first as a human pin cushion in the naturopath’s office – motionless except my mind pouring over Christmas plans. Later, beside my granddaughter, three-year-old arms akimbo daring not to budge, until her innocent breaths deepened – my body burning to move. Now, the window of energy closed, I […]