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In Nature, I Trust

A murder of crows
observes my passage,
anchors my presence

In nature, I trust –
all else is noise.

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How a single ray of light
slips through a thicket
setting a leafy row ablaze,

How the kingfisher’s trill
echoes off the silken waters,

How our love remains despite
the ills that pursue us –

Glorious mystery.

(Image from personal collection.)

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Spotted Sandpiper

A succession of tweets
draws me to riverbed
where tiny legs scurry
across exposed rocks.

Foraging amongst
soggy offerings,
the Spotted Sandpiper
exudes confidence.

It is female who
choses breeding ground,
prepared to defend
her clan, appoints

her mates to mind
the young – she is
polyamorous, hormone
driven – a force.

(For Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day.)