Wildlife flirts
blossoms sing
air vibrates
sun and rain

Birds and bees
buzz in harmony
but a single note
thrills my senses

Canada Geese
squabble and waddle
while Mallard Mom
herds young into reeds

A splash signals
presence of beaver,
but my ear is fixated
eyes scanning green

For a glimpse
of brilliant orange
capped with black –
Baltimore Oriole

(Image my own)


The River, My Heart

A landmark in my life, the river follows
ages, and eras: seasons measured by her flow

She acknowledges changes, bears the winter
regally, swells with confidence as Spring rains

Will walk beside me in sunnier times, and
hold my secrets as Autumn catches us in her flames

She holds my heart, my faith, always knows
and at the end of the day, oh how she glows.

(Originally posted on One Woman’s Quest II, March 2019. Image my own)

Cheer For Spring

Cheer growth –
beneath a heavy cloud cover
Canada goose passes
overhead, while I

Wander –
behind a veil of rainy grey
lens poised to capture life –
swallows swoop and
rise up

Rise up –
over rushing waters, branch high,
blackbirds huddle, demand
my attention –

Focus –
reveals newness: buds breaking through,
colours promising that
chilly winds disperse,
cheer growth

Cheer growth –
behind a veil of rainy grey
blackbirds huddle, demand
chilly winds disperse –
cheer growth.

(Cheer for Spring first appeared here April 2019, and is a Garland cinquain. Image my own)

Mouse Massacre

There are mouse bits
splayed across the sunroom
stuck to my favourite throw rug
and great globs of glue

The trap my husband set
to catch the recent invasion
apparently lured the hunter
for she, stiff legged and
face matted, is skulking

I stepped on a gluey bit
eyes not yet open
before noting
the disarray

Hard to concentrate
when a tail detached
from a thigh (foot intact)
lie stuck to one’s rug
and entrails drip down
the freshly painted
off-white wall.

In My Defence

The Great Blue heron declares me an annoyance
to which the Blue Jays rasp accordance –
I know I am akin to predator
but I come here with need
to this bug-infested

To be

as I am
by an undefinable
rustle, an inner bleed
that craves patterns, or signs
naturally occurring rhythms to define
my place within this current worldly disorder

(Image my own)