Missing Lessons

No point hanging onto past – education is not preparation when illness decides to drop in neither Algebra, nor Social Science offers clues for solving the equation: Life minus ability equals:  what? Curriculum based on harsh realities would instruct how to tie up loose ends, gather what’s important, remain calm while filling prescriptions and countless […]

Always a Teacher

Set me on the open road, encourage me to cross borders; I am hungry for knowledge, to hear a higher calling. Cannot tolerate chained-to- chairs education, imposed immobility, socratic hierarchy demanding conformity spoon-fed compliance – am too much my father’s daughter, born rebellious unable to mold myself to prescribed slots would rather initiate discussion, engage, […]

Employment Dance

Doors open – build a career, strive for a postion with authority, discover new possibility, relocate, be unique, spontaneous; conned by administration, lack of status verified, excluded by internal friendships, soulless searching for personal wealth. Opportunity to earn – engage business space – have the big reveal, believe boisterous sales pitch, advertise ineffectively, wait on […]

Learning Disabled

Really want to be gainfully engaged, embrace learning but disability is in charge, like an uneducated thug, skulking behind my back, sneering at my attempts to demonstrate capability. I am slow processing, easily distracted, socially driven, control slipping, botching efforts to show potential, suspect that disability, the hard-headed tough guy that he is, revels in […]

Women Are Red

Women bleed – red blots in an otherwise black and white world – have learned the language, yet feel like foreigners, undermined by nuances; travel this patriarchal landscape, would-be leaders whose compassion like blood unsettles the ambitious, too exhausted to play the game corporate agendas do not align with weary-hearted mothers who would slow progress […]

Strike Out

I would stand on my head, call in the big leagues, imagine fun, opportunity, but constantly meet with the wall of your limitations. My desire is innocent – impish maybe – dependable; hope to create memorable moments, but boredom is oppressive, and you are shutting me out. I am alone here, hoop jumping, giving of […]

Casting Call

Anticipation that life will one day recommence – as if a curtain will open and there I’ll be, sitting in the audience, hungrily waiting for the play – has drawn me from my solitude, encouraged. Have a friendly enough disposition, once graced the boards myself – a lifetime ago now – confident in my ability […]