He caved eventually gave in to her nagging left his wife, his children, mistook her naked willingness for love, a signal of commitment – it was not – she would not package her feelings into a domestic box had no intentions of ever after clothed her vulnerability in sex as treacherous as Eve’s serpent she […]

Love Matters

Ex-lovers, like criminals line up – a visceral backdrop Another vies to take their place, a critical eye and no-nonsense disposition questions motivations highlights the faults in righteous accusations, bends the arrow of blame reassigning guilt the jilted, now pathetic, craves absolution, starves for appreciation awakens to sickening revelation that sex alone cannot sustain relationship […]


He possessed a certain divinity, a soft-spoken modesty she read as safe harbour, fell for maiden-like innocence, her blessed compliance. Married in the sacred way, carnal mounting accentuating a tailored love – husband and wife exploring, celebrating glorious submission until joy plummeted – impossible to duplicate infatuation in a void – they grasped at objects, […]


Even in togetherness there is distance. I am alone. A central figure, distracted, aiming for contact  – unable to eviscerate control – repeatedly producing a singular confusion. Define success… Is it the one on top, the know-it-all, or are these the mechanisms of estrangement? I am unable to discern – stability never more than a […]


Met in high school, when popularity equated to lovability, awkwardness a given – tender hearts sailing a course, letting love transport them – she was his pride and joy, he her universe… stumbled over declarations, hearts beating an unsteady noise – he shone in athletics, she called herself a loner; confessed their love – infatuation […]

Love In Aisle Nine

Lust ignores warning signals, fancies itself a savvy consumer, commits minor infractions with confidence, sidestepping anxiety. Loneliness – near-sighted – shops without discernment, fails to recognize that all life is transient, and patience is the key to harmony. Love – the main attraction – is not a lone chauffeur, a self-serving commander, feeding off helplessly disabled, regressing into […]