All This Nonsense

The Queen is in the swimming pool –
oversized stuffy with a crown
The well is overflowing
and I’m afraid I’m going to drown

Children in the backyard
Stay away from all that’s wet!
The baby is a-coming
and I’m not ready yet!

Please feed the offspring
while I scurry hurriedly about
back and forth to University
trying to gain some clout

Today is my birthday
although you’d never know
I’m so busy skirting circles
with no real place to go

Never have I been so rushed
to get to I know not where
perhaps if I could sit awhile
I’d get from here to there

The Queen is floating upside down
her cardboard crown deflating
It’s time I called off the charade
give this routine an updating

(Image mine. Nonsense poem inspired by a recent dream – sums things up pretty well, I’d say. Not my birthday.)


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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

35 thoughts on “All This Nonsense”

  1. The queen has always been busy maybe that’s why she’s not been paying attention to the kid drowning and she’s going to drown too. Ha! I had imagined something else from this poem.

    I really loved this poem inspired by your dream. ❀

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    1. That’s an interesting take – an aha for me. When I was little I fell in the family swimming pool and almost drown. My mother was upstairs in the house and totally unaware.

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      1. Wow! It must have been a bad year for you. I’m sorry about that. Glad you made it out safe and here you are today, sharing your experience with me 👌. I am wishing you wellness to live well for the rest of your days 💌

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  2. I love the fourth verse. It reminds of the Queen in Alice in Wonderland telling Alice to run and Alice says that she’s running as fast as she can and staying in the same place. Man, I have felt that way before. I enjoyed this poem, VJ. Sometimes nonsense makes more sense than logic.

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  3. Life is, sometimes too full of things that don’t make sense, and, we try our best, to comprehend why things happened they way they had, and sometimes, we just, keep, hitting, one, dead-end, right after, another, and another, snd, another…and, we just, can’t, seem to, snap out of, this vicious cycle we are, trapped, by…

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