If I Could Only Breathe

So much I want to say,
yet the oppression of opposition
stomps heavily on my airways
cutting off the flow

Daughter of a trans father
mother contemplating MAiD –
embroiled in controversy,
I see only injustice

Cannot fathom the hatred
the railing against books
and glamour, and science,
misappropriation of christianity

How am I supposed to grieve;
take up arms for those I love,
when I am silenced before I speak
judgments cast without a thought?

If I could have a word,
if anyone would listen
I would share, perhaps insight
into the lives of secrets held

Describe how hearts wilt
beneath cruelty of suppression
how torn apart we become
ignorance voiding authenticity

I would tell you of the horrors
that dwelt within our homes
the fear of discovery, of rejection
how ugly it all felt….until

Education offered explanation
and in that opening
we saw potential to climb out
from our shadowy existence

embrace a life in which our love
is neither tainted nor deviant
and tell me please, as I try to listen
how such hopefulness is sin, after all.

(Image my own)



This actor,
this ego
submissive idolatry

Humanity is distracted –
controversy, like celebrity,
vying for social attention.

Opposition barks
obediently in response
to dick-waving antics

their questions only
inciting more rage –

he is inaccessible

ignores the plight
of dreamers,
of marginalized

human rights
for his pocket-
lining agenda

Heroic action
is called for –

there is strength
in quiet amassing
of information

the harvesting
of underhanded

this monstrosity
must be de-throned
before democracy
is completely defiled.

(It’s open link night at dVerse, and I have compiled this poem from the prompts of Fandango (question), Ragtag Community (bark), and Daily Addictions (controversy). ¬†Oh, and maybe I’m feeling a little riled by the gong show coming out of Washington.)

Maybe, Leave Me Out of It?

Please be warned,
if you invite me to share
in an issue about which
you are overworked,
I will involve myself.

While you are
attempting to ascend,
I will be vetting out
the underminer –
aiming at sizeable

I will dress myself
in false shades of
compassion, pretend
grace, while all the
while prodding –

No doubt, my
pursuit will result
in mortal injury –
chasing redundancies
is an obsession
of mine.

While you’re looking
for closure, I will
be killing the
‘fat lady”
so there will
be no end.

Please be warned,
if you engage my
on any level,
you can be
sure of