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Soul Power

How bright is the soul
that dares to stand alone,
who gives voice to injustice,
who is willing to sacrifice
self for a higher purpose…

What song might we sing
if such a spirit moved us?

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Herd or Heard

Society moves en masse,
flowing with the tides,
propelled by a shared

Destination unknown;
purpose undetermined.

We take flight, cling
to wings of promise,
ignore the stench
of destruction.

Reaching for the sky;
barely hanging on.

We land, school together
tell tales of adventure
document progress
avoid reality

proponents of diversity;
shunning differences

All among us has a story
shies from speaking aloud
fears castigation

fearlessly outspoken:
scapegoating sins.

Daring to speak a truth,
I falter, watch as the
crowd retreats in
shunning silence.

Destination unknown,
purpose undetermined.