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No Fool Here

We grow our world
under evening light,
all soul charm and dance –
he a gentle father,
nice guy, quiet…

I believed.

But when search neared,
touchy – see a former ruse,
one smile warmed and…
sod off!

(Friday, I visit Magnetic Poetry online – words not my own, but I take responsibility for the construction. Image from personal collection.)

creativity · life · Love · poetry · relationships

Chasing Snakes

Who ghosts desire?
I long for a kiss,
my glass belly ice
& concrete clouding
our porcelain peace.

A good woman lingers,
then after voices joy

I, marble angel,
let men like father,
with grass on their hand,
pat eternity,
the door sheer,


(Disclaimer:  Fridays I play around online with Magnetic Poetry.  The words are not mine, and therefore; I cannot be held responsible for the outcome…right?! Lol.)


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Life’s Promise

If only I could bloom a rhapsody,
gentles river song for sound…

will remember your promise –
respect another soul,
honour their life,

that between each beat
emotion felt, true music,
innocent but strong

thanking your lift,
favouring the gift –
seek its fill.

(Fridays are magnetic poetry.  Play online. Featured image from personal collection.  Design available on Redbubble, KnutsonKr8tions.)