No Fool Here

We grow our world
under evening light,
all soul charm and dance –
he a gentle father,
nice guy, quiet…

I believed.

But when search neared,
touchy – see a former ruse,
one smile warmed and…
sod off!

(Friday, I visit Magnetic Poetry online – words not my own, but I take responsibility for the construction. Image from personal collection.)


Chasing Snakes

Who ghosts desire?
I long for a kiss,
my glass belly ice
& concrete clouding
our porcelain peace.

A good woman lingers,
then after voices joy

I, marble angel,
let men like father,
with grass on their hand,
pat eternity,
the door sheer,


(Disclaimer:  Fridays I play around online with Magnetic Poetry.  The words are not mine, and therefore; I cannot be held responsible for the outcome…right?! Lol.)


Soul Confusion

I was your pink girl universe,
but you, Two Spirit,
asked me to look up,
full faith, feel sky lift
your language world big,
I, little and like morning, gentle,
always open –
one sister soul
making life a play.

(Friday is magnetic poetry.  Play online.  Image from personal collection – available on Society6 – KnutsonKreations.)

Life’s Promise

If only I could bloom a rhapsody,
gentles river song for sound…

will remember your promise –
respect another soul,
honour their life,

that between each beat
emotion felt, true music,
innocent but strong

thanking your lift,
favouring the gift –
seek its fill.

(Fridays are magnetic poetry.  Play online. Featured image from personal collection.  Design available on Redbubble, KnutsonKr8tions.)