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Let’s Play

“Let’s play!” honked the goose
to the duck, duck, duck,
“I’ll hide and you come find me.”

“Let’s dance!” sang the tree
to the icy river flow,
as sun smiled broadly.

Tree reflection on icy river copy

“Come find joy! Nature whispers
bright skies parting winter blues,
white radiance leading the way.

Tree with cradle copy(Poem and photos for Cee’s On The Hunt for Joy challenge and Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week challenge: at play.)

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Be Poetic

Woman who would picture
home an icy decay
is soon broken,
a fated fool,
she is always child.

Look how young laugh,
no secret to it,
live like the sky,
his day delicious.

Cite brilliant poetry
from gold air,
shred time,
post-needs cake,
naked thrush.

(Friday’s I consult magnetic poetry online for my inspiration.)

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Growling Funk

Put this corduroy cat out,
give her only fish-eyed dirt –
it is moister than green grass,
less porcelain to devour.

Bleed the soft morning air
See eternity throb
Listen, dance, surround joy

Go! Do young night growl –
delicious, ferocious, wet heart.

(Playing around with Magnetic Poetry online.  Want to play along?  See what you can make with the words above.  Only caveat – you have to use all the words. Photo from personal collection.)

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Ice Cream Challenge

an indulgence
inspired by summer’s
heat – cool mouthfuls
creamy sweetness melting
ecstasy – torture for those
whose systems cannot cope
lactose intolerance condemning
sideline drooling – until
manufacturers develop
alternatives –
coconut bliss
and soya
so good –
non-dairy treats.

(Thank you to Fandango for kudos, Daily Addictions for cope, and Ragtag Daily prompt for indulgence.)


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Rowboat Dreams

A rowboat is a useful thing,
to get from a to b, but should
you dream you are stranded
with only one oar,
in a cesspool of sharks,
then I’d say you are hardly
equipped to handle the situation,
but don’t bail –
all you can do is hang on
and wait for the cavalry
(or better yet, Coast Guard).

Remember, save the rowboat
for romantic sunset cruise –
along the shore is best –
or an afternoon of fishing;
better to travel in deeper waters
with a more fitting vessel.

(There, I think I am done.  The NaPoWriMo challenge today is to write a dream interpretation for one or more objects listed, which wades into my interest zone.  I’ll leave the audience alone now.)

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Hammer As A Symbol

A hammer is a driving thing,
as in driving home a point –
a moniker my husband bear’s
to depict his tenacious fight.

There’s hammer hold, and
hitting the nail on the head,
and “If I had a hammer” –
testimony to its symbolism.

A hammer, much like character,
is innocuous on its own, requires
willingness to wield, and practice
to perfect, but can be very useful.

A tool – not in the derogatory sense,
unless a dream assailant carries on
a relentless pursuit – a part of self
intent on breaking through walls.

So, should you dream of hammer –
not the M.C. kind – then ask yourself
these questions:  Am I on point, or
are my efforts actually constructive?

(Kind of like me with this NaPoWriMo exercise, lol.)