Breakup Blues

In your absence
I paint the ceiling
midnight blue,
await the return
of stars, ride out
the gut wrench
of abandonment

I know your motive
is happiness, and
that I shall emerge
all the wiser,
but for now
I don the spatter
of indigo grief.

(Tuesdays, I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson. Image my own)

No Going Back

Broken, we embrace –
you slowly hole away,
explore a laughing woman,
lie with her of like poetry

When you awake
my self is clouds
their windows dark
but for glass –
no-one could end this.

(Magnetic Poetry seems to keep dragging me into the past.  If you want to try it, the link is here.)

Sexy Sailed

Born brilliant,
and good looking,
he had me dancing,
fevered –
red cat woman,
I am porcelain,
cup fishing,
long to explore
dark words –
do not ask though –
sexy sailed –
ate godless

(It’s Magnetic Poetry Friday.)