Urgency and age, well acquainted
Is it Celestine, this draw
or a fateful sense of lacking?

Time ticks a cringeworthy rhythm
insists I pay attention – Fine!
say I, lingering over a defiant tea

Passive is my denial
aggressive is the fear
Tomorrow, I tell myself.

( Tuesdays, I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson. Image my own.)


Attitude Wins

If I measure progress
by “used-to’s”
illness and age win

I used to play tennis
speed and muscle
ease of ambition

This place, the nexus
of how life has changed,
teaches me appreciation

Frost in my veins
permanent, warmth
of memories aglow.

(Image my own.
Tuesdays, I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson)

Life Shifts

Had a kinship once
with gentleness
and acceptance
confidence, too

Till independence
made me tough
a fortress against
imagined battles

Married myself
to distance
from fluidity

Age necessitates shift
those barriers of old
they’re just cons

Readopting tenderness
re-friending acceptance
confidence with humour.

(My challenge this week is con/ scams/ catfish. Image my own.)