Even in togetherness there is distance. I am alone. A central figure, distracted, aiming for contact  – unable to eviscerate control – repeatedly producing a singular confusion. Define success… Is it the one on top, the know-it-all, or are these the mechanisms of estrangement? I am unable to discern – stability never more than a […]

Finding Home

Do we have to be away to find home? Not the mortgaged, two cars in the driveway, double income kind of dwelling I’m talking peace in the heart, comfort in the soul, blessed home I have felt Presence in nature, witnessed Spirit in a newborn baby’s eyes beheld reverence in a dying sister’s final breath; […]


Malls possess a certain allure – contentment-in-a-bag offerings, an opportunity to escape reality, except gossip travels in crowds and I tend to shop for obligations, will latch myself onto any drama and take ownership  – it’s small town training:  I am a passenger on the responsibility rail – would kill my own mother to gain […]


I’m living with a sometimes generous, usually big-hearted, overly needy woman, whose wants supercede consideration for others – a princess who has it all, and still can’t get over her father’s abandonment. We’re living in an opulent home with every possible luxury and it’s always a mess – always disorganized – because she expects everyone […]


Met in high school, when popularity equated to lovability, awkwardness a given – tender hearts sailing a course, letting love transport them – she was his pride and joy, he her universe… stumbled over declarations, hearts beating an unsteady noise – he shone in athletics, she called herself a loner; confessed their love – infatuation […]