I Am Shadow

I am shadow
darkness clouding light
sun’s alter ego –

I speak of hidden
truths, altered lies
guard broken places

Crack my surface
I am ice, will thaw
reveal patches

I am shadow
fear me not –
a path to wholeness.

(Tuesday, I borrow from my Twitter poems @Vjknutson. Image my own)


Seeking Home

My father’s kingdom his castle;
I inherited his strife, witnessed
years of control and submission
felt used, undervalued, robbed;

Was overinvolved responsibly,
misunderstood the nature of his
anguish, drew attention to myself
interpreting his pain as personal.

Our Father’s mansion (no place
for inanimate objects) nurtures
wisdom, recalls neglect, reflects
on life choices, lack of wholeness.

I am called Home, lifted from
introspection regurgitating
old stories, see the youthful
exaggeration, adult immaturity

have a lot to learn – like a child
throwing a tantrum – emotional,
disappointed, destructive – hurt,
lacking constructive perspective;

need to dwell in a house without
walls, free from guilt of neglected
obligations, wounding relieved
by the light of a greater purpose.

(Image: www.themainewire.com)

Portrait Of A Disability

Accessible living –
exercise of uncertainty –
parking lot nightmares,
doorway barricades,
shopping intolerable.

Separate sleeping
quarters – no access
to slumber; more mishaps
than a puppy; broken,
despicable, disconnected.

Inherently wise hover over
disclosure of disease,
claim proprietorship,
push acceptance of
causal theories.

We are innocents,
veil our hurt, refuse
to be driven down,
wholeness buried.

Worth is a Birthright

Do not grovel,
sweep floors, carry
out garbage, debase values
just for the attention
of another;

no more than
bear, grizzled and
battered, whose nature
defies formerly

notions of
romance; hoping
to find a modicum of
kind word

Don’t be a captive,
a bride wannabe toting
leathers and chains
wild hairdo

on mainstream
betrothal, enduring love.
Do not kidnap,

reverse roles
blame, bully, cramp
obligations, compartmentalize
your hunger, lose

Be free,
adopt a persona
of abundance, share fullness
of your gifts,
stay true.

(Image: dict.space.4goo.net)