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I Am Earth

I am Earth
Giver of life

aligned with elements
both protect and ravage

all bear scars
this is the process

I am Mother
womb and tomb

be thankful.

(Tuesdays, I borrow a poem from my Twitter account @Vjknutson.  Photo from personal collection.)

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Love Cycles

Who instigated the abandonment?
It’s an ugly question –
manifests pretensions –
both sides righteous,

when the rage subsides
faith will intervene,
and acceptance –
a milestone,
will springboard

recovery, victims
voices gaining clarity,
intent amended,
launching into love
once again.

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Could It Be?

Walking away is the only solution
I’ve ever excelled at, and yet
absence does not obliterate that
which dwells within – I can pretend
that I have nothing further to offer,
but life and circumstance require
more of me, a challenge to exhume
the remains of my potential – will
I be up to the task?  There is flattery
in being looked up to, the feeling
that someone needs me, but is that
not akin to temptation – an ego play –
could it be that the knowledge I’ve
acquired has merit only when shared;
that we are all here to do our piece;
that by releasing what I’ve learned
I will find flow, feel in sync with life
again, restore my abilities and reignite
a passion for teaching?  Dare I hope.