Poetry As Medicine


Solitude, I dream of expansive landscapes, crave your panoramic silence, thrill to the ideal of your boundless sanctity Solitude, you wrap me in separateness, strip away my cardboard walls, tear at the corners of my instability; no refuge from the stillness Solitude, I am smothered by your starkness, by my starkness, cries of madness reverberating […]

Bureaucratic Dystopia

Bureaucratic automatons privy to personal dilemmas fuss over delegated tasks – vessels sans initiative – policy makers overriding common sense, common decency paper pushers passing verdicts condemning downtrodden, unable to fight whose day-to-day living – questionable at best – lacks the necessary survival guide – procedural forms dehumanize suffering, cubby-holed egos void support, icily authoritative […]


Dressed in our finest personas we submit to public scrutiny, polish our performances, risk criticism to achieve the prize Practice behind the scenes preparing lists and scripts, questioning qualifications, comparisons deflating egos Yet we succumb to pressure step into the spotlight, react emotions and insecurities demolishing golden intentions We scramble for our lines, to maintain […]


Nestled in with childhood truths – second-hand, missing perspective – nursing a creeping creativity: insignificant clarity expanding measurably, hurried. Once social, now retreating papered over failure, have fallen frigid waves infiltrating, overtaking chronically pained, over and over contemplating flight, freedom voiceless, expressionless, flat even revelation muted, unmoving boundaries, discussed, protective currently crumbling…underestimated the struggle, the […]


He caved eventually gave in to her nagging left his wife, his children, mistook her naked willingness for love, a signal of commitment – it was not – she would not package her feelings into a domestic box had no intentions of ever after clothed her vulnerability in sex as treacherous as Eve’s serpent she […]

Sales Tips

When selling a car, advertise particulars – make, economy, road worthiness – appeal to labouring egos, mindful of overheads, override objections with promises of emotional gains, everyone knows the vehicle makes the man – corner lust – it’s the money-maker. Selling produce is all about visuals:  market fresh- picked (sanitize green harvest, mode of transport, […]

Missing Lessons

No point hanging onto past – education is not preparation when illness decides to drop in neither Algebra, nor Social Science offers clues for solving the equation: Life minus ability equals:  what? Curriculum based on harsh realities would instruct how to tie up loose ends, gather what’s important, remain calm while filling prescriptions and countless […]