Nestled in with childhood truths – second-hand, missing perspective – nursing a creeping creativity: insignificant clarity expanding measurably, hurried. Once social, now retreating papered over failure, have fallen frigid waves infiltrating, overtaking chronically pained, over and over contemplating flight, freedom voiceless, expressionless, flat even revelation muted, unmoving boundaries, discussed, protective currently crumbling…underestimated the struggle, the […]


He caved eventually gave in to her nagging left his wife, his children, mistook her naked willingness for love, a signal of commitment – it was not – she would not package her feelings into a domestic box had no intentions of ever after clothed her vulnerability in sex as treacherous as Eve’s serpent she […]

Passion Exposed

Seduced – the virility of youth irresistible even for an old duck like me –  so unexpected, relentless, I ignore exhaustion lean into the fantasy, allow desire to embrace me, cross a boundary, surrender… step up to the stage, bare-chested, shameless, speak into the mic, reveal my words: those childlike bits of myself; hope my […]

Clearing Corners

No more out-on-the-town bustles – the late afternoon light fading in my corner – focus now turned to higher issues; try to keep company with mindfulness – a worthy educator, facilitating release – but my inventory is too spun. Achieving a semblance of completion, something to reflect my life’s toil, would be welcome, yet I […]

Black Madonna

Remember that autumn we drove up to Campbell River, like teenagers skipping out of class – a cackle of women, spirituality forming – felt as if we had bided our time, willing this union to occur – high on anticipation. Giddy that our routine femininity had been strewn across the barricades of our socially careful existences […]

Women Are Red

Women bleed – red blots in an otherwise black and white world – have learned the language, yet feel like foreigners, undermined by nuances; travel this patriarchal landscape, would-be leaders whose compassion like blood unsettles the ambitious, too exhausted to play the game corporate agendas do not align with weary-hearted mothers who would slow progress […]


Creativity – eight-legged predator – invades the decks of my listing mind, reproducing rapidly. Her generous, bejewelled appendages skittering beneath my plastic-boned Caucasian frailty. I hesitate – friend or foe? Should I trample crush this invasion, or surrender… risk madness? We are ocean – bound, shoreless prefer interior spaces wary of open vistas equally vulnerable […]

Casting Call

Anticipation that life will one day recommence – as if a curtain will open and there I’ll be, sitting in the audience, hungrily waiting for the play – has drawn me from my solitude, encouraged. Have a friendly enough disposition, once graced the boards myself – a lifetime ago now – confident in my ability […]