Batter Up

Intensity grips the bat-
grit interwoven with anxiety

Nothing less than a home run
wins approval in this boy’s game

The lone girl, I am aflame
with rage of inequality

(Took a coveted bat and
tight fist to get me here)

Dig my feet in and stare down
the pitcher, ready to ignite the field.

(Image my own)


Imagining Genius

Imagine befriending genius –
accepting social awkwardness
embracing habitual quirks as
incubation for enlightenment.

If I could strip down, release
preconceived notions, agendas,
lie naked, exposed, in shallow
waters, intimately entwined,

unencumbered by sexuality
or gender protocols, I would
shake this sensual impotency –
become one with creativity.

As my father, wounded, I
am inhibited by my feminine,
opting for compliance over
strength, a conditioned identity.

His mystery extends, flawless
sculpting, archetypal secrets,
pretense proclaiming normalcy,
usurping vitality, genius stifled.