Gods and Demons

My fairy-tale-heart
dreamt of an Adonis
but his countenance
outshone my dull

Found instead
a Demogorgon
divide my time
between up and down

Like Persephone
I negotiate demonic
Hades darkness
enough for me.

(Tuesdays I borrow from Twitter @Vjknutson – this one edited. Image mine.)



Said his name was Orion,
“light of Heaven” –
starry-eyed, I succumbed
godlike presence, I believed,
could walk on water –
but his light fast flickered
squelched by insatiable ego,
only thing he walked on
was me…
Little Bear.

(Tuesdays, I share a poem from Twitter @Vjknutson. )

Water Tales

Bring the children to the waters’ edge,
let spirits that dwell there enchant,
sun glistening on star-filled eyes…..

teach the essence of dolphin breathing,
the presence of manna, how to question
roots and behold miracles of fish that fly

and colours that shimmer below the surface,
and sons that walk on water – there are stories
to be told by tides, whose rhythmic waves

follow a primal chant; the ocean’s whispers
reminders that survival is a game for the living
and that in death all return to its vast depths.

(Image: www.shallowwaterexpeditions.com)