Roadmap for Change

Everywhere collisions:

Mindless consumerism
tripping up ambitions
defeating progress

Social networking
mutilating communication
disrupting movement

Consciousness obliterated
by blind compliance
intrinsic motivation extinct

Victims splayed,
flayed, bloody,

Values – not possessions – endure
understanding eliminates dominance
integrity ensures power for all.

Mindfulness calms chaos
quenches grasping urgency
restores hope, direction

Purpose harmonized
with communal focus
realizes potential
releases greatness

(Image my own)



Curious by nature
drawn by hope
we push forward

spring ourselves
from mud-mired
traps of psychological

focus on a horizon
where sunrises
and sunsets
offer glimpses
of glory

optimist and pessimist
daring to believe
that the beckoning future
bears equal promise.

(Hopeful first appeared here May, 2108. Image my own.)

Losing Direction

Certain, are we,
of the direction chosen,
authoritative in our drive…

yet, impulsivity rides along
and our assets are but plastic,

and these dreams of ours
are they even realistic?

Oh how adversity casts aspersions;
how easily plans crumble

focus deteriorates, threatens
to abandon, desire takes a back seat
to the dictates of old agendas…

we revert, wait for endings –
certain closure will refuel purpose…

and fret: is resolution even possible?
and is it necessary

or can we reload,
set course anew,

let faith keep us afloat?

(Inspired by a dream and written for Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing prompt #63: crumble, which challenges us to write a composition in 88 words.)

Adjust the Focus

What purpose is served
in going back – and yet,
I find myself revisiting,
expecting what?


I am no more than a guest
in history’s halls
powerless to undo
the drama, only
risk further complications.

Past equates with inequity,
no point turning on
the faucet of resentment
unleashing floods of anger.

Best to focus on tomorrow
forgive the past and self
and open to the new.

Attitude Check

Energy flows where attention goes, is a principle of Huna.  It means that whatever we focus on we create.

Every spring, facing the end of my current teaching contract, I feel the tug of anxiety in the pit of my stomach.  I begin to doubt myself, and see only the impossibilities around me.  I wonder what will happen to me if they don’t hire me back, and I look at the colleagues who will be competing against me for jobs, and grow increasingly certain that I do not stand a chance.

“It doesn’t look good for next year,”  I recently expressed to a colleague.

“Hard to tell,”  she responded.  “Things turn around.”

I went on to explain to her why I didn’t think that would happen this year, and convinced her that I may have a point. We both parted in gloom.  Misery is contagious.

I began to read negatives into conversations, and convinced myself that I was neither valued nor wanted.  Then I decided to change my attitude and act as if I was appreciated and valued.

And guess what?

People started to tell me how appreciated I am, and many expressed hope that I will be able to continue in my job. I feel valued, and for the past two days, have felt a release in the tension.

Attitude is everything.  Gratitude is key.