If you see me,
rapt up in battle,
wrestling a would-be assassin,
my life precariously hanging in limbo,
no professionals in sight,
please don’t walk away.

I am alone and tiring,
and my assailant is intense –
forcefully focused on bringing me down,
and I am fighting with a strength
I didn’t know I possessed,
and cannot depend on.

Am I shadow boxing?
Fighting a foe no other than myself?
Is this an act of futility
and I a fool for trying?
Should I lie down and play dead
and take my chances?

My spirit says “No!”
I’m not ready to die!
So I fight, and I fight
straining to restrain
my grip tightening
I dare not let go.

And I would not mind if you’d step in
and give me a hand
and take up the struggle with me
offering enough support
that I might call for help
now, when it’s really needed.

‘Cause, strong as I seem
my control is clumsy at best,
and it is only by some strange miracle
that I am winning at all.
So please, before I am lost,
If you see me, struggling with life,
don’t walk away.

Day 253 Power

Hope glides
on the wings
of the early morning
dawn; awakening.

new beginnings
bright possibilities.

Hope smiles
electric blue,
sunshine yellow
darkness receded.

Reality slams
the door closed
harsh recollection
shatters illusion.

Colours fade
to gray –
has changed.

Hope trails:
a gossamer thread;
a faint flutter;
refusing to die.

The soul
shuns reality’s
relying instead
on the wistful
a butterfly
in the wind.

Who wins
in this struggle
for absolute reign?

Do I surrender,
resign myself
to what is?

Or heed, what?
An impulse,
a glimpse?

Hope has
deceived me

Reality has
proven equally
as unreliable.


is the only power
that speaks the truth.

Believe in Yourself

Brightly clad and bristling,
Ego scrambles to organize,
persuade, and manipulate
while Greatness watches calmly,
a knowing smile on her face.

Knowledge trembles with anticipation,
eager, yet hesitant,
confident in her training,
doubting her ability to perform.
Greatness nods encouragingly.

Judgment resists Ego’s wants,
sets up roadblocks, spews criticism.
Ego reeling at the blows,
views herself anew with disgust.
Greatness is nowhere in sight.

Plans thwarted, Ego recoils
back to the source of her dreams.
Greatness waits at the center
Graciously open to listening.
Embarrassed and disheveled, Ego sits.

“I’ve been a fool!” she blurts,
“I wanted so much, thought I could do it all,
but I was wrong. So wrong!”
Greatness does not comply with this ranting,
Offering only silent reassurance.

Ego calms herself, considering her companion.
“You must have struggled in your time,” she observes.
“Known heartache and disapproval.”
“Oh yes!” Greatness nods,
a humourous twinkle in her eye.

“But you never gave up?”
“No. I did not,” comes the kind reply.
“I do look a bit foolish,” Ego persists
“Just overzealous, perhaps.”
Ego pauses to reflect.

“Knowledge stumbled with self-doubt,
yet you knew that she’d succeed,
is that why you supported her?”
Greatness smiles generously,
her nod implying more.

So focused on perfection,
Ego now sees the fault.
Potential, she realizes
doesn’t not come ready-polished
but with willingness to try.

“I need to make some changes,”
she confesses to Greatness and herself.
“To tone down my outer professes,
and tune up my inner strengths.”
“Believe in yourself,” comes the response.