Wildlife flirts
blossoms sing
air vibrates
sun and rain

Birds and bees
buzz in harmony
but a single note
thrills my senses

Canada Geese
squabble and waddle
while Mallard Mom
herds young into reeds

A splash signals
presence of beaver,
but my ear is fixated
eyes scanning green

For a glimpse
of brilliant orange
capped with black –
Baltimore Oriole

(Image my own)


A Bird’s Eye View

It’s a bird’s perspective I envy –
the ability to perch up high
balanced, no matter the weather
unaffected by the drama below –
I shall never know such calm,
being afraid of heights.

(For Bird Weekly Photo challenge: birds perched up. Not sure of featured image (a sparrow of somes sort), Bald Eagle, and Red-winged blackbird) A Bird’s Eye View first appeared here August 2019 and is available on diverse merch through Redbubble and Society6 – see shopping pages.)

A Bird’s Eye View Mug

Northern Flicker

My forward movement
startles us both –
you ground foraging
with the robins,
me delighted
by a flash of red –
heart at your nape.
You rise, alight
on tree branch
your squeaky call,
warning or greeting
stops me in my track –
patiently I wait
as you circle the tree
head bobbing, alert,
till we both settle
and my lens succeeds.

(For Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day. ┬áImage from personal collection.)