Vultures Come

Vultures come
sharpen talons and beaks
tear at necrotic flesh
pick this carcass clean

I need a committee
to rid me of parasitic past
trauma’s cadaver
weighing me down.

(Linking up to Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day.  A macabre bird and poem to fit the season.  Image from personal collection)

Surprise Visit

The river holds so many surprises
least of which is the sudden appearance
at water’s edge of a tall white egret –

a countenance I acquaint with Texas
and warmer climes – what wonder
to find this greatness at my backdoor.

(The Great Egret is common in coastal areas, but not a bird I have encountered in Ontario, until now.  Linking up with Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day.)

Great Blue Heron

Blending in
the gift of stealth
only your voice –
woodsy reed  –
alerts me to your presence.

You are grey sky
and rushing waters
tall reeds and
wind-swept banks

And when my heart
beats off tempo
given to spells
of malaise
you are metronome
reseting my rhythm.

(Friday I join in with Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day. Photo from personal collection.)


Cedar Waxwing

A spot of red
and dash of yellow
bandana masked eyes
how you transport me
to simpler times –
childhood days
when you and I
wiled away hours
hidden deep
beneath summer
canopies – maple,
beech and willow –
listened for whispers
on the wind,
searched for treasure
on rocky creek bottom.

Years since our paths
have crossed like this,
have you returned
as reminder –
your sweetness
a blessing, now
that I only linger
at woods’ edge?

No matter the reason,
I am content
that we meet again,
my friend of old.

(For Granny Shot It’s Bird of the Day.  Photo from personal collection.)