Shame and Weakness

I paint smiles
to mask the stench

Greed’s perfume
an avalanche


cannot hide
the fear, trembles
threatening to divulge


(Image by yours truly.)

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Permission to write, paint, and imagine are the gifts I gave myself when chronic illness hit - a fair exchange: being for doing. Relevance is an attitude. Humour essential.

28 thoughts on “Shame and Weakness”

  1. Dealing with weaknesses builds character. Shame from others is their problem. Shame from ourselves is our problem which we to address in order to rid ourselves of it. Your poems are like opening a window and getting a whiff of fresh air. Love it and sending hugs.

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  2. No one is exempt. We all have our moments and I like what Jazz said about how boring we’d all be or life would be without our combinations of weaknesses and strengths.

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  3. We’d be a boring bunch without our weaknesses … without our strengths … there’s energy in the combinations within individuals and within relationships. An avalanche is inevitable now and then. (Poems and paintings valid responses – uplifting art here with your sober lines.)

    Curious synchronicity: I’m reading this right after waking to memories of a 2012 major clash stemming from my physical weakness (unable to keep up with partner) and my mental defiance (unwilling to admit physical limits) clashing with his physical strength and attitude (“I lead, you follow”) … I was worn out from prior day, settled in for a day of riding in the car crossing Utah … when he swerved off to explore an archaeological site … insisting I follow down a steep slope to see what he was seeing … and I said NO. An “avalanche” of fury and tears was followed by sitting in the car in rigid silence … till a hawk and and a raven began a sky dance … our sign … we don’t have to be “alike” in strengths and desires to fly together.

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    1. Dear Jazz, once again you are in sync with me. I wrote this poem, really without awareness of meaning, but as you tell your story, a light shines. Thank you for your awareness and always inspiring responses.

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