Uncomfortable Compromise

Caught relaxing –
ignorant sleep,
treacherous faith

beneath security
salvation preyed upon,
skin-crawling danger

support ill-gotten
rescuer threatening
outcome beastly

I am off-work,

refuse light
failed legs
kicking back

enemy projects
feigns warmth
damage protected.

I’ll compromise
exert smiles
exit and breathe.

(Today we attend a memorial service for a friend.  My former co-workers will be in attendance including one who tried to stir up trouble for me in my absence.  Grant me strength.  I’m linking this up to Reena’s Exploration Challenge which is compromise.)



I am losing ground,

disinterest piling up,
suffocating – I moan

childish communication
enraged, and humiliated,
hurt; my opinion more

impulse than acceptable
relatives bitch, correct,
dethrone me – an outsider
sidling in, like a politician

mingling, lingering, attacked
why am I so dependent
on this oddball interaction?

celebration is just a formality
and my enthusiasm misplaced

but at least, I am present.