Thanks for Reading

This platform is shaky,
I must confess,
built of co-dependent aims
carnival life expectations.

Still a steady hand
and a weeping heart
good writing companions make
or, so I tell myself

You see, despite clever musings
I’m as guilty of denial as the next
and as far as clarity goes
I’ve been myopic forever

Guess, I’m trying to say
that without an audience
I’d be nothing – and so to you
this blogging community – gratitude.

(For Reena’s Exploration challenge:  Writer’s platform/ reality; and Eugi’s Causerie Weekly Prompt: gratitude.  Image my own.)


Love’s Angles

We voice love,
look off at better times –
eye on neighbour, comparing

I dance between hated father,
nice brother, grow quiet,
need touch, but never say

Were my heart strong,
spirit like a river come,
thanking universe…

Have joy though,
feel throughout.

(Friday is magnetic poetry day.  Play online. )