Path of Manifestation

Hunger churning,
excitement building,
heart expanding…

Breathing the thrill,
opening to possibility,
Spirit revealing…

Receiving blessings,
clarifying vision
will engaging

Trusting process
believing in self
creativity soaring

Grounding in reality
feeling the stir-
change is happening.

(Path of Manifestation first appeared November, 2017, edited for this edition.  Image from personal collection.)


Path of Manifestation

is happening,
feel the stirring
root deep,
hunger churning
excitement builds
heart expanding
breathe the thrill
open to possibility
spirit revealing

receive the blessing
clarity of vision
will engaged
trust the process
believe in self
creativity soaring
grounded in reality
is happening



Focused Intent

For years a padded treatment table doubled as our dining room table.  The height was right, but the width was too narrow, and it felt awkward to sit guests around it in the center of our large dining area.  Replacing it was not a priority, but I knew if I didn’t move it out, I’d never get a proper dining set.  So, one Sunday morning, I packed it away and started to polish the hardware floors.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting ready for our new dining room set.”

“Is there something I don’t know?”

“No, but it’s never going to happen if I don’t make room for it.”

“So, we’re not going to eat in here anymore?”

“Not until the new table comes.”

In the midst of this exchange, my parents arrived unexpectedly.  “Guess what we did today?”

I had no idea.

“We bought ourselves a new table and chairs.  Would you like our dining room set?”

* * * * *

I shared this story with a friend.  I had learned about it in a workshop.  Set your intent by specifically asking for what you want, and clear any blocks that might stop your wish from manifesting.  Then let it go, and let God.

She and her husband were struggling to get by, with one income, and three children; the youngest having a lot of special needs.  Their old car was on its last legs, and they couldn’t afford the vehicle that would make their life easier.

“Believe me,”  she said.  “If that worked, I would have done it long ago.”

When she called me the next time, her tune had changed.  “I thought about what you said,” she explained, “and I realized that my block was my attitude.  So I asked for a van in which we could transport our family, and I set aside my disbelief.    The very next day, I was walking to work and ran into an old friend I hadn’t seen since high school.  We talked over old times, and then you won’t believe what happened.  She said she had heard about our daughter, and she wanted to help.  She said she had come into some money and she would like to either buy us a new vehicle or give us the money to pay down on our mortgage.  We pick up the van next week!”

* * * * *

The system does not always work so well.  One friend asked for abundance for years, but nothing happened.  She even tried to get specific, asking for a set amount of money, but somehow, it never manifested.

I do believe that we get what we ask for, and I also believe we have to be careful about what that is.  For years my sister “just wanted to be thinner”, but she didn’t do anything to make that happen.  Her wish came true, but the cost was not worth the prize:  cancer ensured she shed the pounds rapidly.

Picture what you want, then be open to receiving it.  Anything can happen, but you have to be able to picture it first.