Stifled Progress

Nothing about the job intimidates him –
has lived the ups and downs of mental health –
besides, he cries for the children, abandoned
who jump from home to institution, lost.

Nods at warnings about attachment
knows all the drills of the hospital
feels certain he’s found his place –
is hit hard by the rejection

Seems personal experience, and the willingness
to speak the truth about stigma, shunning
and how many stay silent has no place
on a ward where old school rules.

(Written for Reena’s Xploration challenge #175. Image my own)


Employment Dance

Doors open –
build a career,
strive for a postion
with authority, discover
new possibility, relocate,
be unique, spontaneous;
conned by
lack of status verified,
excluded by internal
friendships, soulless
searching for
personal wealth.

Opportunity to earn –
engage business space –
have the big reveal,
believe boisterous
sales pitch, advertise
ineffectively, wait on
authority; bottomline –
not as previously thought
Who’s in charge?
Where’s the value?

Need to feel useful –
corporately accepted,
recognized, social needs
addressed, maybe visited
by a president; supported
by others, a someone –
a personal worker’s