Viral Madness

Children moan
reflect the day’s gloom

We are virus-cautious
confined indoors

While ‘I-wannas’
buzz at windowpanes

and news feeds mount
the terror – I scream

silently, pray for
uncommon patience

Pause as eagle,
soaring overhead

tips a wing my way
bids me a good day.

(Eugi’s Weekly Prompt is soaring. Image my own)

Snakes at My Door

A preacher dominates
six o’clock news
megaphone voice
commanding protest
mask-less hordes roar

A young repairman
offs his mask with distaste
claims it’s all a hoax,
the cure is withheld
a ploy to control –
read it on the internet.

A friend whose wisdom
and words have inspired
confesses she’ll not accept
vaccination, as her life
is in God’s hands.

And from behind a curtain
of despair, I observe
as words, like snakes
gather on my front step
nest in a writhing menace

The virus’ venom
a poison I’m not sure
I can defeat

And what am I to do
when abstinence from public life
makes me conveniently invisible

and fear that if I speak up
will reveal a truth I cannot bear
that the devout, the young, the compassionate
care not a wink for the likes of me.