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Soul Stalker

Downy blankets of white softly settle,
Nature gratefully submitting to slumber
as the Earth bids a seasonal adieu.

Inside, my body craving hibernation,
curls into layered bedding, draws shades
against the snowy scene, wills respite.

My soul, a cat, lulled by the miracle
stretches wide paws, arches, ready
to discover some mystic wilderness.

She is primordial, a snow leopard,
camouflaged, elusive, a silent stalker
instinctively hungry for nourishment.

Weakened, I yield, certain she will prey
on this near lifeless flesh, leaving me
bloodless, hide-less:  a mere carcass.

Then I shall lay down in the frigid warmth
of winter’s illusion and surrender rotting
self to the Earth’s core; pray for rebirth.

(Soul Stalker first appeared here in January of 2016.  I am submitting it for dVerse’s prompt: Confessional poetry, hosted by HA.)

44 thoughts on “Soul Stalker

  1. Your soul, your totem is the snow leopard, and its powerful inner presence, though frightening, is part of you; that part to help you cope with winter’s miseries and life’s issues. So dig it–I can hear you roar from here.

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  2. “Weakened, I yield, certain she will prey/on this near lifeless flesh, leaving me/bloodless, hide-less: a mere carcass.”

    Oh, that pricks and shatters the illusion of a body which is in control. It’s intriguing how you explored this consumption by your own soul. Loved the desolate winter images and the lasting hope for a rebirth.

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